Thematic Dialogue # 2
February 11th 2021

About the Commission

Future of Media Commission
Online Thematic Dialogue
28 Jan 2021

What should public service content look like in the future, and how can the media engage diverse, hard-to-reach, audiences, including younger people, with such content?


16:30    Introductions. Prof. Brian MacCraith, Chair, Future of Media Commission

16:35 Panel 1

  • European Broadcasting Union – Noel Curran
  • Paul Farrell, Virgin Media TV
  • Amanda Ade, the 'Black and Irish Podcast'

Questions and Answers with Panel 1

17:15 Panel 2

  • John Purcell, Independent Broadcasters of Ireland
  • Alan Esslemont, TG4
  • Conn McCarrick , National Youth Council of Ireland

Questions and Answers with Panel 2

17:55 Panel 3

  • Susan Kirby, Screen Producers Ireland
  • Kevin Doyle, Newsbrands
  • Daráine Mulvihill

Questions and Answers with Panel 3

18:35 Conclusion


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The Future of Media Commission was set up by the Government in September 2020 to examine the future of the media in Ireland. This includes Ireland’s public service broadcasters, commercial broadcasters, print and online media platforms.

The media provides a vital public service for our society. It is fundamental to our democracy. It underpins how people stay informed, and how they engage with Ireland’s language, culture and sport.

The Commission is independent of the Government. It has 10 members, who have been chosen because of their expertise and experience across the media.

The work of the Commission

The Commission is examining the challenges faced by public service broadcasters, commercial broadcasters, print and online media platforms.

Challenges these organisations face include:
- Sustainable funding sources
- Changes in audience behaviour
- Changes in technology

The Commission is due to produce a report and recommendations by summer of 2021 on how the media can address these challenges into the future.